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Smart network elevates learning experience at Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) is committed to producing highly skilled engineers and digital talent in support of the Malaysian government’s MyDIGITAL blueprint for a digital economy. Established in 2002, UniMAP has been recognized by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (“THE Rankings”), as one of the world’s best young universities.

UniMAP relies on Juniper for its campus and data center networks, which provide a smart, secure, and seamless digital foundation that enhances the learning experience for students and simplifies IT operations.








Company Universiti Malaysia Perlis
Industry Higher Education
Products used AP43,  AP33,  AP32,  EX4650,  QFX10002,  QFX5120,  Wi-Fi Assurance,  Wired Assurance,  Marvis VNA





Developing digital talent in Malaysia

UniMAP, one of Malaysia’s four technical universities, operates a distributed campus in Perlis in northern peninsular Malaysia.

“We educate future engineers who will drive Malaysia’s growth,” says Nasrudin Abd Shukor, Director, Digital Management and Development Centre (DMDC) at UniMAP. “We needed a network that would support their education and research needs.”

UniMAP embarked on a journey to transform its campus network to keep pace with the accelerated adoption of a digital learning environment. The university also wanted to upgrade its data center network to meet its growing data and application needs. 












Build a digital-driven campus

To meet the increased digital demands of education and research, UniMAP deployed a unified wireless and wired network from Juniper at its distributed campuses across Perlis.

Juniper wireless access points work in conjunction with the Juniper Mist cloud architecture driven by Mist AI™ to deliver optimized network experiences to students, faculty, and staff. Juniper EX4650 Switches and the Juniper Mist Wired Assurance cloud service provide simple, secure wired connectivity on campus. AI-driven cloud tools, including Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance, Wired Assurance, and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, streamline and automate network operations.

“We can monitor user service-level expectations from the web or an app,” says Shukor. “With Juniper and Mist AI, our technicians are more efficient and solve problems faster.”

UniMAP, an early adopter of software-defined data center technologies, upgraded its core network to 100GbE, giving students and faculty plenty of bandwidth to access applications, databases, and analytics. It deployed Juniper QFX10002 and QFX5120 Switches as the core and access switches for flexible, high-throughput connectivity.

“Juniper is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of our networking needs, including enterprise and campus networks, data center networks, and wireless,” says Shukor. “Juniper is a leader in the industry.”





Educating the next generation of digital talent

By building a data-driven digital campus that is fully connected, accessible, and secure, UniMAP can continuously improve the campus experiences for Malaysia’s next generation of engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

UniMAP’s network supports the learning, teaching, and research of more than 17,000 people and 56,000 learning management sessions a week. Students have faster, more reliable access to the learning management system, collaboration tools, video recordings of lectures, and other digital resources. Student success analytics helps administrators continuously improve teaching and learning. 

The digital-driven campus also advances UniMAP’s mission to produce skilled individuals who can contribute to Malaysia’s economic growth. The Malaysian government expects that its digital economy will account for 25.5% of its gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025.


“Juniper has helped us facilitate the development of a digital-first campus, providing an exceptional learning and teaching environment with accessibility to information and digital resources that are key to shaping the minds of our future graduates.”

Nasrudin Abd ShukorDirector, Digital Management and Development Centre (DMDC), UniMAP